ZebraCash - Time & Material registration and billing system for law offices

ZebraCash is a web based time and material registration and billing system for law offices. The system covers the whole life cycle of a client/case, managing related information storage and processing. The main functionality includes Client and Case data management, time reporting, time and costs accounting, invoice management and report generation. The system provides user role management and monitors user actions.

Functional Scope

1. Client/Case relationship management

  • Client related data register;
  • Case management for client.

2. Accounting

  • Spent time and related costs register for specific case;
  • Specification and Invoice preparation;
  • Invoice management.

3. Reports

  • Report functionality showing registered time and costs using various criteria;
  • Reports can be prepared in different output formats, e.g. pdf, xls.

4. System administration

  • Standard value register;
  • System user role management;
  • Audit on actions resulting in data modification.

A SETS product:


A SETS product

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