T-Testing Testing Platform & Dashboard

SETS T-Testing provides a visual dashboard for Management and Testing Engineers, a powerful Test Management Engine and a proven innovative methodology to ensure the most efficient use of testing resources.

IT testing can be time consuming and expensive. T-Testing provides both a methodology and a tool to improve this process, making use of the client’s existing development and test platforms.

Interfaces are set up to send standard CSV format files from the build and test servers to a journal database, which stores all of the relevant results. These may be recalled at any time.

A common annoyance during testing is the case of testing a system with known errors, but which is actually being tested for a different aspect. The known errors can overwhelm the information from the real area of interest. The T-Testing tool and methodology introduces a third result – “failed as expected” – to isolate these expected errors.

A unique dashboard presents the testing results in various formats, with views suitable for management, and views suitable for technical experts.

SETS consultants will assist in setting up the system and definition of Test Kits. If required, we will provide training to the client’s own experts, to enable them to take over most of the testing and reporting functions, and thus ensuring a complete in-house testing solution.

Functional Scope

1. Visual Dashboard

  • Overview of testing progress.
  • Comparison with previous tests.
  • Drill down to detailed results.
  • Results may be “passed” / “failed” / “failed as expected”.
  • Overviews for management.
  • Detailed views for technical experts.

2. Integrated Testing System

  • User’s existing Repository, Build and Test servers.
  • Specification of Test Kits.
  • Interface from Build Server to Journal DB.
  • Interface from Test Server to Journal DB.
  • CSV format files convey information from the Build and Test Servers to the Journal DB.
  • The Journal DB stores results of the builds and tests.
  • The Dashboard interfaces to the Journal DB and displays results.

3. Methodology

  • Preparation of Test Kits.
  • Method of communicating from Build and Test Servers to Journal DB.
  • Extra flexibility with additional result – “failed as expected” – to isolate unexpected fails from expected fails.
  • Testing results stored and always available.
  • Clear presentation of results.

4. Benefits

  • More efficient use of testing resources.
  • Long term cost savings.
  • Customisation to client hardware/ software configuration.
  • Visual presentation of results suitable both for management and technical experts.

A SETS product:


A SETS product

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