KeyMap - Combined view for all utilities within the city

Keypro's KeyMap combined utility map is a modern map based service for managing the constructions inside the area of governance. With the tool you can easily combine utility network information from multiple sources. As a result, you will get an up-to-date view of the water, sewer, telecom, gas, district heating and electricity infrastructures and cables. The KeyMap service provides the required information for applying and granting permits on public area constructions. By using the easy-to-use KeyMap service, everyone who needs to access utility network information can perform the tasks easily. The enhanced information flow allows you to avoid planning errors and damages to underground structures. The best result is reached when the KeyMap service is set up in cooperation with the city or municipality and all network utilities in the area.


  • Integration of all utility networks inside the area to a combined view.
  • Provides vital information for city planning.
  • Makes it possible to combine several vector and raster layers such as basemap, city plan, aerial photo, etc.
  • Versatile printing to paper or PDF files. Support for pre-defined print series.
  • With the online WMS/WFS interface you can access and share utility network information with other parties.
  • We offer turnkey delivery and systems integration with information sources.
  • Compatible with other Keypro solutions, such as safe-to-dig.com utility location service for excavation.
  • Fully interoperable with other Keypro solutions and any other GIS system.

A SETS product:


A SETS product

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