KeyAqua - Solution for water and sewage utilities

Keypro's KeyAqua solution is a professional network information system for water, sewer and stormwater utility operators and their contractors. KeyAqua runs in your browser without plugins and is fully featured network information system with support for documentation of the network, planning the maintenance for the network, responding to urgent and acute actions and failures, and planning and managing renovation programs


  • Browse and update all water and sewer elements.
  • Manage customers and consumption points including the contact information.
  • Manage fault reports, leakages, CCTV-recordings, quality complaints and renovations
  • Short Message Service (SMS) based notification solution available.
  • Access control based on user groups or geographic areas
  • Online interfaces with other systems (WMS, WFS)
  • Data import in DWG and Mapinfo formats, also AutoCAD import & export
  • Input land survey data directly from GPS devices
  • Advanced analysis, reporting and printing
  • Fully interoperable with other Keypro solutions and any other GIS system 

A SETS product:


A SETS product

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